Culture of Martyrdom, Mourning in The Time of Occupation

Palestine from a Bird's Eye View

*(Ezz Zanoun / APA images)(Ezz Zanoun / APA images)


In the last six days during operation Protective Edge, Palestinians have been experiencing a widespread massacre while Israelis have been experiencing continued rocket attacks. On one side, Hamas has issued a statement violating international law; declaring all Israelis as targets for rocket attacks. Israel, on the other side, has been consistent in propagating its intentions and efforts to decrease civilian casualties. Despite the intentions and the propaganda, actions speak louder than words and have devastating effects. Hamas has fired over 650 rockets towards Israel and Israel has conducted thousands of airstrikes on the Gaza strip in order to achieve its declared goals of eliminating all Hamas leaders, militants and all their affiliations. Casualties have amounted to more than 170 deaths in Palestine (mostly civilians, over a quarter being children) and more than 1000 injuries, tens of injuries in Israel and 0 deaths…

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