Monthly Archives: September 2014


charred arteries, the trees
the moon, its cycle like mine keeps
passing us by – we do

i bleed, trying to warn you
each time –
never let it be said i did not tell
you of your neglect

did not listen, to each other’s breathing
to hear who sleeps first – never
me, and the moon still
lights the great chasm between us
knowing full well
too close and it will swallow
us whole


WAST Workshop!

Working with women asylum seekers has taught me that when we class ourselves as strong women, we are doing so by assessing a measure of our experiences and achievements. There are some women out there whose silent warrior-like strength renders ours pale in comparison, women with narratives that leave me speechless. The feats they have had to overcome are never mentioned in the media and ignored by the government. The silent lining of the underbelly, these are women who have had to leave their children behind in other countries, women who are subjected to cruelties and denied basic human rights, women who are given the measliest of food vouchers to live on, destitute women, living on less than £35 a week, women who have been detained in Yarls Wood, women mistreated at the Dallas centre, women who are left to rely on no-one else but the wonderful organisation of WAST, without whose help, many would be sent back to the very places they have fled from.
There needs to be a greater understanding that being a refugee is not a choice and that it is only the power of human connection, not rhetoric or information, that helps understand the reality of the situation. The creative strength and power of these women humbles me. If anyone is interested, the destitute women seeking asylum and those living off an income less than the benefit rate, rely on food banks and donations to help get by. If you know of anyone who wants to help at a grassroots level and can donate imperishable food items or clothing for women and children, inbox me. The workshop with them was a wonderful experience! Watch this space for the wordsmiths to emerge 🙂



Interview on Sisters Hour for British Muslim TV

Had the pleasure of trotting off to Wakefield Westgate to meet an amazing team at the British Muslim TV studios to be interviewed by Sister Sakina! ‘Twas a wondeful time discussing writing, poetry, power of words, politics, faith and even squeezed in a couple of poems! Even got a chance to play the duff taught by professional player, Sister Anjum! Watch this space for details to catch it on TV 🙂