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Turning away from ‘good’ violence

Jamila Shah

Aisha Shah| Sac City Express  Staff Writer|
Oct. 21, 2014

Israeli American poet and activist Moriel Rothman-Zecher visited City College Oct. 1 to share several personal stories that helped influence his current outspoken activism to help end the war in Palestine.

To an audience of students and faculty members assembled in the Cultural Awareness Center, Rothman-Zecher first described when he was 9 years old in Ohio. A fierce act in defending a friend from being bullied instilled in him a mentality of ‘good violence:’ using violence to stop another act of violence or injustice happening in the world.

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Rapper Immortal Technique Drops Knowledge

Saint Harriet Equation

Immortal Technique is one of my favorite underground artist. Not because he  has the best flow but because he uses rhythm to awaken people by spiting knowledge over dope beats. Check out this 13 minute interview where he touches on how mainstream media and our peers are quick to call us conspiracy theorist until years later when the seemingly unfathomable is supported by undeniable volume of evidence.

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Thinking about Global Activism and Social Change, Personal Intentions and Spiritual Consciousness by Jameelah X. Medina

Jameelah MedinaThe events in this world begin with the individual. The world’s occupations trace back to the individuals who create them and those who ignore or support them. The world’s genocides trace back to the individuals who create them and those who ignore or support them. The world’s offensive wars trace back to those who create them and those who support them through action or inaction. Daring to exclude Divine Decree from this discussion, the events that take place in the world are due to the malice within mankind. This malice can be direct and intentional, or it may be malice by default due to the absence of benevolence. These atrocious events begin with the individual because unjust rulers, dictators, invaders, executioners and occupiers, only have the power to rule, dictate to, invade, execute and occupy because they have subordinates who give their obedience and acquiescence. We are those subordinates as…

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When Savages Unite – a tremendous piece by Mark Gonzales

Have just come across the work of Mark Gonzales and find him truly inspiring….

Miss Amazon's Blog

This video of spoken word artist Mark Gonzales is in response to the hateful and racist advertisements purchased by Pamela Geller and her organization the American Freedom Defense Initiative on San Francisco city buses as well as across the country in the month of August. While hate profiteers do have the right to freedom of speech, we also use our right to speak out against the historical and ongoing targeting of communities of color. The use of the word “savage” in Geller’s bus ads and elsewhere throughout US history, as is seen in the targeting of indigenous people and communities of color, is offensive to all of us. It desecrates the memories of those whose lives and land were taken as a result of imperialism and conquest. We stand against hate, then and now, and see these attacks as targeting all of our communities.

I had the pleasure of meeting…

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Dracula and the Villification of Muslims

I thought this was an interesting read. Please read the full article.

As a New Statesman article recently put it: “The vilification of Islām has reached such heights that when the Sultan Muḥammad Fātiḥ is cast opposite history’s bloodiest psycho-tyrant, it’s Dracula who emerges as the tragic hero.”
What is apparent from the film is that it recreates evil as good and good as evil. It reaffirms the narrative which is prevalent in current times and the strategy deployed against Muslims. Aa famous statement from Malcolm X comes to mind when he said:
“If you are not careful, the newspapers will have you hating the people who are oppressed, and loving the people who are doing the oppressing.”

Book launch for ‘When Saira met Sarah’ Oct 2014!

Last night was the book launch at 3Minute Theatre in Manchester, for a project started a year ago that brought Muslim and Jewish women together through writing. I was delighted to be part of this venture and to see my poems in print alongside such talented writers such as Yasmin Babiker, Julia Davis, Shamshad Khan, Leah Thorn, Jackie, Maleeha and Becky Prestwich to name a few, is an absolute pleasure.
Spearheaded by Sherry Ashworth and Anjum Malik with final say by Peter Kalu of Commonword, the anthology is now available from Crocus Books published by Commonword. Thanks to everyone who supports and has faith in my writing even when I don’t but especially Peter Kalu, Chris Jam, Martin De Mello and Zahid Hussain for all your constructive feedback! Xxx









WAST Workshop Part 2!

Loved working with the asylum seekers together women at WAST, Manchester! They produced some wonderful poetry for the roadshow they are devising and I am honoured to have helped them! Truly inspirational stories xxx



Maya Angelou Workshop

Maya Angelou was a true icon and so it was a pleasure to attend a workshop organised by the phenomenal woman called Shirley May at Manchester Central Library where we celebrated Maya’s work and created poetry that reflected her essence. We performed those pieces in an open mic at the end of the evening!