ISB Islamic Awareness Dinner 2015 at Sanam Sweet House, Manchester

Last night’s dinner held at  Sanam in Manchester, was a portmanteau of all the inspirational groundwork that British Muslims are involved with at grassroots level within the community. As charities and key figures shared their work, the continuing positive contributions were plain to see and it is a shame we have a media that runs stories against this progress. Special mention to the wonderful host Sara Saigol who chaired the night. 

For me, performing at the ISB dinner last night was nerve wracking. With Home Office and Ministers sat at my table and the teachers, charity workers, reporters, journalists, interfaith workers, activists, MP’s, first female bishop as the other guests, I thanked dear God that my iphone battery ( 30% ) didn’t run out ( so need to learn things by heart ), that I didn’t trip over my dress that was just a couple of inches too long and that I got through the narrow obstacle course to the stage without breathing in too much or getting stuck in any gaps! Phew…. And they liked the poem 🙂 

British Muslims – Giving a little something of themselves…



 What would you like me to give?

Would you like the remnants of my mother tongue

language now diluted, wasted on our young

dregs of rolled consonants you still mispronounce –

expertly extracted from the minds of our forefathers 

when empire took its place within our kingdoms……..

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