Centre For Transcultural Writing And Research – Writing For Liberty Conference 2015, Lancaster University

The Writing For Liberty Conference 2015 was an event hosted by the Centre for Transcultural Writing and Research at Lancaster University on the 17th and 18th of April 2015. 

I presented a collection of my own poetry for the Writings Of War session and also had the opportunity to meet some excellent speakers, academics and artists too such as Sarah Irving, Anna Ball, the beautiful Sila Senlen Guvenc, Emma Dawson Varughese, Lindsey Moore and key note speaker Veronique Tadjo. Plenary session speaker, Anshuman Mondal’s presentation on ‘Literary Controversies’ was thought provoking. Met the very pleasant Graham Mort and heard some lovely poetry from ‘A Bird Is Not a Stone’ read by Ellen McAteer and Ahmed Qabaha. Seeing Jennifer Makumbi and meeting Zoe Lambert, my chair for our session was a blast. And hats off to my fellow speakers, Sal Gabier and Toby Norways for some riveting creative pieces.   

The conference aimed to promote debate around fundamental issues of human liberty through the agency of creative and critical writings. In the wider context of the Centre’s work, this conference also responds to recent projects in Europe, Africa and Kurdistan and the establishment of a new authorship hub, Authors and the World, within the Centre. 

I will now be found on the Transcultural Writing and Research page as an Associate Member! Do look me up 🙂 ! 




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