Bare Lit Festival – Championing the Cause of Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic writers

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Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic (BAME) writers in the U.K. are being marginalised and pigeonholed by the British publishing establishment, which is overwhelmingly white.

This was one of the disturbing findings of the Writing the Future report, commissioned by the writer development agency, Spread the Word and released at last year’s London Book Fair.

The report was the result of of a major new survey of writers, literary agents and mainstream and independent publishers to determine whether they thought cultural diversity was improving in the the UK publishing industry. The report’s findings show that over 74% of those employed by major publishing houses and 97% of agents believed that the industry is only “a little diverse” or “not diverse at all”.

What’s more, the few BAME authors who succeed in getting published are being urged to focus on producing literary fiction that propagates stereotypes of their communities and culture, by addressing topics…

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