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Palestine Verses 2016 Poetry Competition! 

Extremely happy I won the Palestine Verses 2016 Poetry Competition! But must point out my  


 achievement is not my own. I am grateful to all those who supported and continue to support me in my writing when I often had little faith in myself! A few who need special mention and you may not realise why, are Zahid Hussain, Martin De Mello, Chris Jam and Peter Kalu who mentored or encouraged me at different points in my life when I needed to progress. Love my family and friends too for encompassing me with belief and of course my other half for putting up with my self-sabotage! Sorry its sounding like an Oscar speech but I was not expecting it! ‘War Torn Child’ came second place last year. This poem, ‘A Tap On The Roof’ is also one of many dedicated to a people who epitomise resistance to Israeli occupation, a people who Mahmoud Darwish says, ‘suffer from a chronic illness of hope’. Well done to all who entered… X

Poets in York! 13/05/2016

A smashing night where I shared my poetry alongside amazing poets Elmi Ali, Talha Ahsan and Hodan Yusuf at York’s ‘Race, Racism and Resistance Poetry Evening’ organised by the uber hospitable Kasia Narkowicz and Nisha – thankyou so much all! Twas inspiring! And we even squeezed in Betty’s Tea Room! 


Women’s In Place Of War Film-Screening 10th July 2016 at Rethink Rebuild as part of CREATE film festival! 

Book your place at thiswomen’s 

free film screening of Trials Of Spring, I too Have a Name, Colours Of Resilience and Departed Arrivals. We have helped organise this with In Place Of War for CREATE film festival at the Rethink Rebuild Centre! There are limited places so book early to avoid disappointment and there will be food and entertainment too! See you there! xxxx  

The Art Of Silencing, 6/5/2016, The Unity, Liverpool

Delighted to be performing at The Art Of Silencing sold-out event for Palestine tomorrow at The Unity in Liverpool. Hosted by Maxine Peake with sketches, speeches, politics, song and poetry that explore the themes of silencing and repression, I’ll be joined by Northern artists in solidarity! Excited 🙂 Xxx