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Organise and Fight back.

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We must not be divided by anti-Islamic or xenophobic campaigns – unless we unite, the night of the long knives, awaits us all.
In the this picture, the sister of the murdered school child was speaking.

30 years ago, 13 year Ahmed Iqabal Ullah was murdered in school, in Burnage, Manchester by a racist youth. Ahmed died defending others from a racist attsck. The killer boasted of having ‘killed a Paki.’ There was then, a wave of violent street racism. 30 years later, 81 year Mushin Ahmed is murdered in Rotherham, by two racists. Mushin was going to the mosque. There is now, fueled by the EU referendum, a rising wave of racist violence and  xenophobia, surging on a raging tide of Islamophobia.

Some of the friends who organised against racism and racist attacks, 30 years back have gone on different sides of the referendum, and at times have…

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Float like a butterfly, Sting like a bee! 

Join Manchester Muslim Writers in Chorlton Library at the end of the month for a special evening/iftari commemorating the late legend Muhammed Ali in verse, with Zahid Hussain ! Bring along your tributes to share and lets exchange memories! See you there x