Moments of Expulsion Exhibition By Jo Scorah 

Jo Scorah is a practicing artist based in Manchester whose recent work explores the many layers of exile and deplacement. Her family history is part rooted in the city of Aleppo in northern Syria, where her Jewish grandparents used to live. For centuries, Muslims lived alongside Sephardic Jews sharing commonalities. It is this commonality that brought Jo and I together and I am delighted that my poetry is part of the amazing installations at Artwork Atelier, Queen St Salford and is available to view for the near future. I highly recommend a viewing of this sculptural ‘Moments of Expulsion’ exhibition that captures so vividly what refuge means today. A symposium held on Saturday will feature psychologist Dr Aala El Khan, music composer and former refugee Tagne Tebu, Councillor Tanya Burch, documentary-film maker Dr Shameela Zulfiqar and psychiatrist Dr Mustafa Alachkar chairing . X


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