Outside The Frame Arts workshop at Apna, Haslingdon, 26/11/16

Today I had the pleasure of running a creative writing  workshop as part of our Outside The Frame Arts project exploring plays and poetry from Palestine and the diaspora. Engaging with the ‘Apna’  women’s collective of Haslingdon was truly enlightening as we discussed the writings of Palestinian author Khaled Jumma and powerful poetry by Dr Hanan Ashwari. 

We critically engaged with the superb play by Palestinian-Irish playwright Hana Khalil called Plan D. 

Themes raised and responded to included childhood, womanhood, home, loss and displacement and added to the rich discussion as some participants felt a connection with their own experiences. Many contemplated the access or lack of access we have to human stories. All were invited to create new pieces of work. 

This is part of a series of workshops we are delivering in the community and to stay in the loop, join our mailing list outsidetheframearts@gmail.com. Follow us on twitter @Arts4Palestine and on our Facebook page Outside The Frame Arts to hear more xxx


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