Panda Arts & Union Street Media Arts ‘Creative Breaks Celebration’, 13/12/2016

Today I attended the Creative Breaks Career Development Programme delivered by Panda Arts and Union Street Media Arts where participants have the chance to acquire skills to help further not just their careers but their own personal development too. Mentors and hidden gems helped teams to produce the very best pieces they could. 

Participants shared the various live projects they had been investing time and effort in for weeks and it was an absolute pleasure to see the results. We watched films about The Rochdale Pioneers Museum, The Ancoats Dispensary ( the first hospital to offer free treatment to the public ), a film about the creative breaks  programme itself and evenan alternative  Manchester tourist guide. 

The ‘Start at Square one’ project was heartwarming to watch and even more pleasurable to be a part of. I was asked along with four other artists, to feature in a zine magazine exploring the subject of ‘starting again’ and what this meant to all of us as BAME or refugee artists. 

The event ended with many certificates handed out by the board members to all those who had worked tirelessly to make their projects a success. 

The work of grassroots organisations such as these are a vital part of establishing and maintaining community cohesion. It also makes such a difference to peoples lives, a better understanding of the self and their own potential. Lets hope we see much more of this kind of work. Well done Panda Arts & Union Street. And for you reading, please support these projects wherever you come across them! X 


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