Let’s be radicals! 

Taking two minutes out of my day to send a reflection out to emphasise how important it is that we’re mindful when working as a team, voluntary or paid to ASK how others are, to check and remind ourselves that we’re all people, not numbers or slaves.

 Sit together away from the work and enquire after one’s soul before we assume their efforts are not up to scratch or that their lacking in performance. So much misunderstanding around because we don’t apply mindfulness in our everyday lives, to ourselves, to the people around us and to the organisations we interact with. 

All in positions of power need to be aware. You are responsible for the well being of others under your care and how you honour that is KEY to spreading good energy around. Making someone feel appreciated goes a lot further than being crass and negative in your dealings with people. They are PEOPLE. Not slaves. 

Our egos, societal pressures to perform success, not being in tune with our true needs, capatalism and so many other factors work against us! 

What we are trying to embody when we tune into mindfulness actually equates to a revolutionary movement- imagine that on a grand scale, a genuine force for positive personal and social transformation- and in todays climate that in itself would be radical! Let’s be radical together! 🙂 


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