March 11th Outside The Frame Arts – ‘Platform For Palestinian Arts’ event 

It’s been the most wonderful journey for Outside The Frame Arts and my God, how many friends have we made along the way? From supporters, to participants, to mentors, to facilitators, to fellow artists and to all the wonderful story tellers, writers, poets and playwrights we have engaged with! Without them, it would never have been possible. 
From the inception – the sowing of the seed over a year ago, to the finali R&D sharing event yesterday, it has been a pleasure creating new writing and informing a wider circle of people about the rich tapestry of Palestine and the people that make it what it is despite all the odds of military occupation. ‘Ordinary people living in extraordinary situations’.

 Thankyou all especially Nikushka Mailer – my fellow friend and director of Outside The Frame Arts and the one whose vision drove this project, Mahboobeh Rajabi our brilliant digital artist, Zahid Hussain author of The Curry Mile, Manchester Muslim Writers Collective and facilitator, Elmi Ali poet/playwright and facilitator, Ahmed Masoud Palestinian author/playwright, Hannah Khalil Palestinian playwright,  Young Identity poets Roma Havers, Meschach Brencher, Isaiah Hull, Nasima Bi, Joel Cordingly, our actors Yasmin Babiker & Tanzil Chaudhary, our performers, arts therapist Kerry Bertram, poets’ Rose Snow, Laurie and Mary, AnnMarie at PANDA, Garfield at STUN, Ruth Daniel at In Place Of War, Afshan Lodhi at Commonword, Shamshad Khan at Hard Rain, Arry Nessa from Apna, Manchester University Drama dept, all the participants of our workshops and everyone who turned up yesterday to support us! 

Watch this space for much more and catch up on where we are going next on The second phase is going to be a blast!

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