Dementia Awareness Workshop, Apna Gallery, 25/04/17

My morning was spent in the quaint area of Haslingdon where bright sunshine and sudden snow were in great conversation together. 

I was here to raise much-needed awareness about Dementia in the South Asian community through creative writing exercises with the women of #Apna, an amazing community group organised by Arry Nessa in Haslingdon. 
This particular exercise was an object led discussion around memories and my challenge was the fact that there were four different languages in the room enriching the experience. English and Urdu were no problem for me but Pushto and Bengali required some hands-on translating provided by my fellow sisters. 
I decided quite early on that writing would go out the window and adopted discussion activities instead. Loved hearing about all the different memories and experiences that shaped these women and then discussing what happens to us when memories start to disappear. Who do we become and how do others respond to this change? What does it mean for an individual to lose their ability to judge, think, communicate and look after themselves? How can we help? 
800,000 people have Dementia in the UK. Let’s make sure our communities are well informed so that sufferers and carers are supported in the best possible way and the stigmas attached to it are eradicated.  
#dementia #dementiaawareness #AlzheimersAwareness #alzheimers #communityhealth #creativewriting 


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