Come Closer – Memories Of Partition

These past six months have had me revisiting my grandmother’s experience of the 1947 Partition of India and Pakistan. For anyone working with individuals who have suffered from unspeakable trauma, you’ll know how hard this task is and the immense sensitivity and care required to do so. ’70 years is a long time waiting to be heard’……

Come and watch myself and 9 other South Asian writers and spoken word artists commissioned by The Royal Exchange ( in a unique collaboration with Manchester Museum, The University Of Manchester, the Ullah Race Relations Resource Centre and the Greater Manchester BME network), perform short monologues.

The new monologues will reveal the untold stories of the significance of Partition and the impact still felt today. You

can catch us between the 22nd and 26th of September.

Inspired by the material that has emerged from the Memories of Partition Oral History project at Manchester Museum, it promises to be a unique insight into a traumatic history by those who experienced it.

For more info, visit

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