Mind over Monologues!

What an amazing few months! ‘Come Closer – Memories of Partition’ project was one of the most gruelling but hugely satisfying projects both mentally and physically I have ever done.

A unique collaboration between The Royal Exchange, Manchester Museum, The Alama Iqbal Race Relations Centre and Greater Manchester BME Network, the project explored the 1947 Partition of India which divided the country under British colonialist rule.

A series of intensive workshops culminated into ten south Asian writers creating monologues to be showcased at The Royal Exchange, Manchester Museum and then throughout local community venues.

My piece ‘Spirits of Sunam’ was inspired by my amazing grandmother, Sarwari who was 17 at the time of partition. This year marks the 70 year anniversary of a hugely traumatic experience that changed their lives as they once knew it. This project allowed the silenced to be heard, giving agency to us as writers to decolonise and narrate those experiences in exactly the way they needed to be told.

And I learnt it all by heart! Anyone that knows me will be wise to what a mean feat that is! special thanks goes to the wonderful Nicole Morris who directed my piece, to the amazing cohort of actors and directors I spent time with and also to Grace & Lizzie who managed it all! Onwards and upwards!


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