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4th Review ~ ‘Cuts Of The Cloth’!!

4th Review of Cuts Of The Cloth! I love reading them but can’t help noticing that the fact that the play is a collaborative process, sometimes slips under the radar for some!

Its so important to acknowledge the team it takes to put something like this together! Yes written and performed by me but I want to reiterate it’s also co-created/directed by Nikki Mailer who was producing too 💪🏼( since we are a small team of two at Outside The Frame Arts ) with Kooj Chuhan on soundscapes & visuals, Andrea Pazos working on our set, Kalpa Vriksha who marketed with 🔥and the brilliant team at HOME making this come together! Special thanks to Carla Henry, Elmi Ali and Sarah Yaseen who were part of its development last year during the work in progress as well as Keke Thompson and Alison Surtees who supported and funded our work through Futures Venture that has made all our Outside The Frame’s work possible. Hats off to The Royal Exchange for giving us rehearsal space too! And a heartfelt thanks to all my friends who had to listen to my ‘imposter syndrome’ anxieties throughout the process!

We’re excited to see what comes of this so if you know any theatres or funders that would whip this up – let us know! oh and here’s the review!!!

Cuts of the Cloth – HOME, Manchester – THE PLAY’S THE THING

Have a read of this review about our Outside The Frame Art’s ‘Cuts Of The Cloth’ play showcased at Home Theatre & Arts Centre for PUSH Festival this weekend!

Cuts of the Cloth – HOME, Manchester – THE PLAY’S THE THING
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