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Mic Bytes Launch Night at Jam St 20/02/15

Twas a fab night at Mic Bytes launch on Friday night at Jam Street Cafe where I performed some spoken word as guest poet alongside the fabulous and sultry soul mama- Shirley Ann May. Also delivering ‘passionate, punchy poetry’ was Trevor Dwyer Lynch, Stirred poetry Anna Percy, Rev Porl, Young Identity’s Patrick Farrell and amazing Niko Walber with their spoken word, Fiyah Fli – fantastic vibez – amazing vocalist, Gav Stokel and the talented Noel Maher to wind down the night. ChrisJam – DJ and Host as ever made the night ( and special thanks for the opportunity and faith he has in moi! ). Watch out for some powerful spoken word every Friday of the month at Jam St! Email jamchester8@gmail.com for open-byte slots! Xx













The 7 Lessons

Allow yourself the uncomfortable luxury of changing your mind.

Do nothing out of guilt, or for prestige, status, money or approval alone.

Be generous with your time and your resources and with giving credit and, especially, with your words.

Build pockets of stillness into your life.

Maya Angelou famously said, ‘When people tell you who they are, believe them’. But even more importantly, when people try to tell you who you are, don’t believe them.

Presence is far more intricate and rewarding an art than productivity. As Annie Dillard memorably put it, “how we spend our days is, of course, how we spend our lives.”

Debbie Millman captures our modern predicament beautifully: “Expect anything worthwhile to take a long time”.





So here we are,
you driving me through the narrowest country lanes,
even the tarmac spreads herself out at speed for you.

Outside – willow trees stoop as they see you coming,
inside – fickle words settle at my boots like blossom.
The window cleaner lives on the right
you say, and
this is how you rectify our demise.

I know what you’re trying to do,
buying love with a french chef and three rosettes,
as if I’ll pin them right through to the skin of my breast!

A prized possession; I look away or this body will offer itself,
drown out whispers from bones seeped in love.
It’s getting dark as clifftops rise watching our headlights.

If I sleep early tonight, I think the world will keep spinning….