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Shots In The Dark 8/6/2018

It’s been a very busy few weeks as I prepare for Outside The Frame Arts, July scratch performance of Cuts Of The Cloth ( more details to follow – we are super-excited! ).

For those of you who don’t know, this is our play exploring Muslim women and their relationship with the cloth in a society obsessed with the policing of the female body so watch this space about this particular project!

In other news, myself and a whole host of wonderful writers from all backgrounds have been indulging in the genre of crime fiction. A chance to really delve into the dark side of human nature, we have created flash fiction that has been brought together by Cultureword in the new anthology ‘Shots In The Dark’.

Published by Crocus Books the micro narratives promise, ‘Bludgeonings. Distorted lives. Small victories in narrow mean worlds. Bizarre punishments and extraordinary vengeance. Dogs, bears, fish and humans – always humans – clustered and clashing in desolate landscapes. Crimes passionels. The after-effects of war. The enduring effects of race. Trauma. Badness. Rawness. Grief. Sigh. Phantasmagorical. Surreal. Hyper-real. This is desperation poured near into a black chalice.’

Last night we had an awesome celebration bringing some of the authors into the intimate setting of Three Minute Theatre in Manchester. Hosted by the ‘hostess with the mostest’ Heena Patel, we heard what David Gaffney describes as, ‘mini beasts full of suspense, violence, fear and shock with incredible characters and fascinating settings’ and we carried these stories long into the night after the event had finished.

If you want to have a read, they are available to purchase. Email admin@cultureword.org.uk to order your copy.

Special thanks to Commonword who have supported my journey and a countless amount of other writers over many years giving us space to develop and grow.

And finally – a shoutout to all the awesome contributors in the book who have become an inspiring creative family of support for one another, all the authors who made it last night for the reading – you were great to listen to and share space with and waves of support for all the ones who couldn’t make it – you were missed! X

WITS show at 3MT Update! 

WITS show at the Three Minute Theatre for International Womens Day ended with my poem ‘Stand With Me’ and they did! Loved all the powerful pieces delivered by amazing artists! Pleasure to be a part of it and totally up for celebrating the awesomeness of women worldwide not just today but always! For all of you women that I know and all of you I don’t, you are colossal beautiful beings! And theres is so much to be done! The fight for gender equality, an end to gender violence and the dismantling of what Bell Hooks calls the ‘imperialist white-supremecist capitalist patriarchy’ are still pressing issues. Where there is power there will always be resistance but right now it’s time for bed! 


I want to get to Arvon! Please help :) 

  Our Crowdfunder for Women in the Spotlight #WITS has just launched – please head over to our page to find out more about the project and make a pledge

Our Crowdfunder for Women in the Spotlight #WITS has just launched – please head over to our page to find out more about the project and make a pledge 

Book tickets for Piano Forte! 

I am so excited about my play on show next week! It’s been a wonderful experience from writing it, to meeting the actors and actresses, to being there throughout stage management under the guidance of Gina Frost and Jon Topliff! Book your tickets direct from 3MT webpage if you can’t access Eventbrite or Skiddle! See you there! X