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I’m so happy to share my good news with y’all! Look who’s officially one of the 12 writers picked for TOAST poets 2016! 

We will have the opportunity to be mentored by four great poets over the next few months and I am thoroughly looking forward to producing some new writing! Watch this space 🙂 xxx

Women In The Spotlight’s International Womens Day Show! 

Join me tomorrow night where Women In The Spotlight ( WITS ) will be showcasing their work in celebration of International Women’s Day. I am delighted to be part of this and we have all been busy producing spoken word and theatre pieces to be shown at Three Minute Theatre, Manchester! These performances will explore women’s voices, our experiences, our lives, our thoughts, our feelings and our identities as women! Get there for 7pm! X   

Young Identity’s One Mic Stand, IV Slam Special at Contact Theatre

First time I actually made it down to Young Identity’s One Mic Stand, IV Slam Special featuring guest poets Tony Walsh and Mali Hayes at Contact Theatre, Manchester. If you haven’t been yet make sure you put the next one in for your diaries. Brilliant performances to include Elmi Ali, Reece Williams with his hat totally on point, Saquib Chowdhury, Keisha who was absolutely phenomenal and I even decided to test a new piece titled ‘A Muslim Mother’s Advice – How Not To Be A Terrorist’ on open-mic too.. 🙂 



on open-mic too…

Pangaea Poetry Slam 2015! 

So my entry to the Pangaea Poetry Slam can be found on the link below! It’s the first recording of mine that has been uploaded to YouTube and I still dislike the sound ofmy own voice! If you enjoy it though, please feel free to share 🙂 xxx 


North West Poets

In the first of a series of collaborative events with North West Poets and Lindsey Holland, founder member and leader of the group which profiles new emerging and established poets in the region, The Portico library hosted an evening of poetry where I had the pleasure of listening to my award winning module lecturer and poet Helen Mort, Andrew Forster and Ann and Peter Sansom. A beautiful setting with some inspirational poetry made for a fantastic evening.